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Do You Know Very Much About Ribbon?

When you say the word ribbon, many things come to mind Wholesale Corsets  . Ribbon has been used for many things through the years. The first ribbon loom was created in the 11th century in the town of St. Etienne. It remained the ribbon seat for many centuries until it spread to China. China is now the number one producer of ribbon for the world. However, ribbon has a tumultuous past.  It was actually outlawed in Europe in the 17th century due to the nature of the use. With satin ribbon being the most popular choice of the manufactures, lingerie began to become more fashionable and caused quite the stir for local law and church officials. The looms would be destroyed and the weavers would be forced to take their craft to different parts of Europe in order to succeed with their craft.

But ribbon has many practical uses. Such as, headbands. Start with a simple plastic headband, a length of ribbon and a hot glue gun. Adhere one end of the ribbon to the headband and start wrapping the ribbon around the headband until you completely cover the plastic with your ribbon of choice. Glue the other end and you now have a fashionable hair accessory. And with so many ribbon choices, there are endless possibilities to your creativeness.wholesalers in china

Perhaps you would like to make a homecoming mum. It is quite simple really. Start by choosing the flower. Either fresh or silk, it just depends if you want to keep it for future use. You would probably want to use 1 ” width to 3/8″ width to add diversity to your project. Glitter glue can also be fun to use to write on the ribbon the event that it is being used for. Put it all together and you are set for a fun homecoming.

Let’s talk about ribbon choices for a minute.  To start with, there are many different varieties of ribbon.  You can select grosgrain, organza (sometimes referred to as sheer ribbon), satin, velvet, double ruffle, taffeta, etc.  Get familiar with the different types of ribbon.  They all feel different and are very suitable for many different projects.  Ribbon comes in virtually any color you can think of as well.  All shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white and ivory.  Ribbon, especially grosgrain, is becoming really fun with prints.  Prints can be anything you can think of as well.  I have seen very pretty hearts, polka dots, stripes, animal prints and more.