The Golden Rules in Mens Underwear

Ok chaps, be honest, when was the last time you had an Wholesale Bikini drawer clear out? Do you even buy your own underwear or do you just leave it for your wife/girlfriend/mum/partner to sort? Guys it is time to face up to your demons and take control of that pants drawer, no more excuses, no more copping out. The summer is here which has improved everyone’s mood, so before you fly, drive or sail off to that long awaited holiday consider which items of underwear will make their way into your case.

Here’s a fact that will scare the living daylights out of you, men’s underwear is a much debated subject when women get together for a good old gossip. They know what they like, they know what they hate, and they are not afraid to share with their friends what you dress your derrier with, especially if they loathe it and are on a mission to get you into something a little bit more sexy or stylish.

If you want to ensure you are discussed in a favourable light then get in the bedroom and get rooting through that drawer. You won’t stop her talking about them, and you know the old saying if you can’t beat them, join them. Here is your chance to make sure your other half has only flattering things to say, and leaves the other ladies green with envy that you are a man in control of your ‘smalls’. In case you have forgotten, here’s a guide to the golden rules for keeping the perfect bottom drawer that you can both be proud of.

White should be white – Yellowing, slightly pink (because they went in the laundry with your red socks), anything that detracts from white IS NOT acceptable – ditch them quick!

Holy Moly – Underwear for men has three or sometimes four holes at most depending on the style. Anymore than that and you need to show them the bin.

Tight must be right – Tight trunks are ok, if they were meant to be that way. The years have gone by and you’re not as svelte as you used to be, stop squeezing into the underwear that you bought years ago and get some new ones that actually fit.


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