The Secret to Purchasing Lingerie for Your Significant Other

For some men, walking into a lingerie store can be an uncomfortable experience. On the other hand, some men don’t mind shopping but are unsure what type of lingerie to purchase for their significant other. If you can relate to the confusion between a black bustier and a sexy corset purchase, here is some information that may help boost your confidence level when shopping for the perfect lingerie.

Determining What She Likes

Many women are self-conscious about their appearance. They may not enjoy wearing certain types of lingerie that enhance areas of their bodies they aren’t confident about. Before you go out and purchase luxury apparel, you need to first identify which areas your significant other is shy about and which they desire to show off.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you make the big buy.

    • What type of clothing does she usually wear? If you pay attention to the clothes she wears, you may be able to identify the areas of her body she feels self conscious about. If her clothes are usually tight fitting, she may love the form fitting beauty of a black bustier. However, if she typically wears loose fitting clothes, a sexy camisole may be something she enjoys.


    • What kind of panties does she wear? Even if she wears a variety of styles, knowing which type of panties she likes to wear, and which ones she doesn’t is important. Many women may enjoy briefs, French style cuts, or bikini styles, but may not enjoy wearing thongs. If you want to be sure, check her underwear drawer.


    • Are you buying what you want or what she wants? Don’t mistake the kind of lingerie you enjoy seeing as the kind she will like to wear. Here’s a hint; if you discuss your desires and hers ahead of time, you may be able to come to a compromise that will please you both.


  • Can the lingerie you are buying work for both the bedroom and during the day? While a gorgeous black bustier may be the perfect item to spice up your nights, many types of lingerie can serve dual purposes. That bustier may look great when it is worn for a night out on the town.

The Easy Way to Buy Classy Lingerie

There are a couple of problems many men have when it comes to purchasing lingerie for their significant others.

    • Being seen in a lingerie store- It may be embarrassing and humiliating for some to be seen shopping for lingerie. Thankfully, technology provides the perfect solutions. With the help of the internet, you can order the perfect lingerie without ever leaving your home.


  • Buying the right size- Even when you buy lingerie online, you need to make sure you have the right size. If the lingerie is a surprise, a good way to determine the right size is to peek in your significant other’s underwear drawer. Check the size of her favourite bras, panties, and other pieces of lingerie.

Whether you want to purchase a sexy black bustier or a beautiful camisole for your significant other, make sure you know what she wants. Ensure the piece of lingerie you choose enhances her best assets so she will feel confident and sexy whenever she puts in on.


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